Street Cred: Don Nguyen

09.15.09 – Shad Lambert

Photography Shad Lambert/Dewey D.

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So the Green Room was separated for a little bit, but now it’s reunited. How could I not roll with my friends, you know?

Let’s face it, The Nuge recently surprised the hell out of everyone in the skateboard world when he bounced to Baker Skateboards. So we knew we had to catch up with him to get the goods on how it went down. Along the way we also got the inside scoop on how the Greenroom got their groove back, a personal tour of the man cave, and a sneak peak at Nuge’s future fiery funeral plans.

What the hell is up with your Viking funeral idea?

Oh, well, at a normal Viking funeral, they put your dead body on a boat, then send it out to sea and shoot flaming arrows until it catches on fire.

And you’re gonna do the skateboard version?

Yeah, set up my coffin on a skateboard on the top of a hill, all the homies will douse me with gasoline, or maybe 151, then give me a li’l push and all the homies will blast me Roman candles all the way down the hill.

That would be the best funeral ever!

Or just have the street on fire and fuckin’ me roll into it.

Awesome. So let’s just get to the question everyone wants to know: How did you getting on Baker come about?

Basically, all the homies got on and then got me on somehow … I think. First Sammy got on Baker, Lizard got on Deathwish, then Slash. Then they asked me and that was that. So the Green Room was separated for a little bit, but now it’s reunited. How could I not roll with my friends, you know?

Kind of crazy, right?

Yeah. So sick. Everyone who was on Pig is on. Sammy is trippin’, he was like, “Dude, I can’t fuckin’ believe it man! We’re back!” All in the same KR3W van, on the Low Life Tour, fuckin’ Green Room reunion tour. That was hilarious.

So you got on Baker and still shred for Pig wheels?

Yeah. It’s all good with the Tum Yeto homies. They understood. Dudes were really cool about it, actually.

And now you even got this man cave setup in the backyard at your house, what’s going on in here? It’s like a Hellrose hut. You went all out on this bitch.

I actually wanted a bigger one so we could put a damn pool table in here. I wanted to make it a full bar. But it’s pretty tight. So this is gonna be a web interview? Like play the interview on the site or read it?

Probably short li’l’ guy with text and those photos, make it look cool like The Mag. Oh shit, should we make a little man cave tour video?


Sick. So what else is going on, heard you got your pro shoe in the works?

Yeah, on C1RCA. I’m fucking hyped.

What’s it like?

Real small, thin, basically like an indoor soccer shoe. I put an Adidas soccer shoe on and it fit like a damn glove, so we kind worked on it from there.

You trying to ruin some heels or what?

No, it’s gonna be good. Got the heels all padded up. The fit is just gonna be awesome.

When does that come out?

I get the first sample in a month, so like six months probably.

Any special graphics?

Some Firebird goods, you’ll see.

Wow, so life is good for the Nuge these days, eh?

Not bad.

And what’s up with your new career as a DJ? How the hell did you and Slash get that DJ gig at Footsies?

Well, when you go to the bar enough and bitch about the music all the time, eventually they’re like, “What the fuck do you got, motherfucker? Bring your shit in.” So that’s pretty much what happened. ’Cause I’ve been collecting records and barely ever listen to ’em, so now I can kick out the jams and bring the records from the man cave to the bar. It’s on.

How does DJing work? You get paid for it or is it just for kicks?

Free bar tab and usually like a hundred bucks or somethin’. Pretty chill.

Damn, that’s a dream come true.

Yeah. I’m gonna be there playing pool anyway, now I get to listen to music I like. It’s the shit.

How you want to end this?

Sammy Baca’s pro! Lizard has a Cadillac! Uhh, J. Roy’s dog got skunked!

Frontside 50-50

Frontside 50-50. Photo: Dewey