Contenders: Kevin Romar

09.08.09 – Shad Lambert

Nollie crooks. Photo: Karpinski

Switch Tail

Switch tail. Photo: Karpinski

So should we start calling nollie backside 360s Romar spins yet?

Ha, actually someone was telling me that. People been calling the trick the nollie Romar. Kinda trippy.

Greco said he’s working on backside 360 nollie flip, called it “a Romar with a flip in it.”

No way. That’s tight. I’ve been working on my nollie 540 game and nollie backside 360 heelflips.

Whoa, nollie 540?

Yeah, I got ’em on pyramids every try but off drops and stairs. That trick is a problem to ultra spin like that.

So you’re trying to take it off some stairs?


That’s nuts.

Pretty intense but people have been saying it looks craze. Maybe I’ll just save that trick for a contest run or something.

So let’s talk about some real important shit.

Let’s do this then.

I’m just to gonna go hard with skating and see where I end up. I start fiendin’ to skate after a certain amount of time. I can’t even think what I would be doing if I didn’t skate. Shit’s weird.

Why does Xbox suck balls and PS3 rules?

This was your real important shit? Xbox got a elephant-sized big-ass baseball glove controller, and the PS3 controller is OG—just chillin’. Xbox has two x’s in it—can’t be too good. And Xbox just looks stoops. I’ve been kickin’ it at Johnny Layton’s house and this fool loves his Halo and Xbox, but I’m like, nah get that PS3.

And your Xbox is guaranteed to fuckin’ melt. The red ring of death … officially a fifty percent fail rate.

Red ring of death?

Oh, yeah. You don’t know ’cause you never even had one. The red light around the power button comes on, your Xbox stops working, and you smell something burning. That’s why all the homies switched to PS3. Atiba’s melted, Lee Dogg’s melted, Ako’s melted, and I had two red rings of death. So over Xbox!

Yeah, pretty much, and all the homies are on PS3. Bill Gates is slippin’.

So you’re on the Call Of Duty shit, right?

Yeah I just play COD 4, waiting ’til that new one comes out.

You ever battle Mike Mo on there?

Nah, I never got a chance to play that fool, but I heard he was on killin’ it.

Switch 180 heel

Switch 180 heel. Photo: Lambert

You want to give out your gamer name so people can try and cap you?

I gave out my gamer ID once before, and my list filled up in like a day, so I don’t think I’m down for that again.

Dang, ’cause I already put it in The Mag fool.

Ahh, quit lying.

No joke. It’s in your Mag Minute web ad!

That deserves a punch.

Well now you’ll get lots of game nerd friends. So you live in Long Beach? Where you usually skate?

I live in Cypress, but Long Beach is my first home. Cypress is where my skating began. I skate up at El Dorado skatepark in LBC most of the time. It’s pretty hard.

So did you skate with Antwuan when you were growing up? Or see him at the park?

Yeah ’Twuan used to come up to the park all the time wit his li’l G-code black beanie, and we used to battle on who had the best nollie heels off the three-stair. This was when he was on éS and Young Guns.

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So who won the nollie heel battle? ’Cause he did that one down a beasty fourteen.

I got one down a fifteen! Just kiddin’, that fool has the ultimate steez, so he wins nollie heel battle. But seriously, El Do was the park to see your favorite skaters. Terry, Knox, and Evan used to always roll up there.

It was the hot spot back in the day, huh?

Hell, yeah. Scott Kane would be kickflip noseblunting the rail before anybody knew who he was. That was the spot, still is!

Hey so why does Antwuan call you Sisqo?

Ha ha, shit! I don’t know if I should say this all over the web. Pretty much all the El Do skatepark Hammer City crew and Antwuan call me Sisqo because I used to dye my hair blonde. Well, I tried to dye it silver when I was like thirteen. That bleach and chemicals didn’t wanna turn my hair silver. It was burnin’ too bad so me and my moms washed it off and when we washed it, it was blonde. So I just ran with it for like three years, and Antwuan used to come up to El Do and be like, “Sisqooooooo!”

’Cause that dude Sisqo had blonde hair?

Sisqo had blonde then went silver. And I coincidentally bleached my hair the same time that the “thong the thong thong” song came out, that’s why I’m haunted by the Sisqo name forever.

I think you’re good, ’cause Sisqo was a one-hit wonder with the thong song. People already forgot that dude.

Yeah, hopefully nobody starts calling me Sisqo now or we gonna have to fight!

Varial Flip

Varial flip. Click for sequence. Photo: Lambert

Sure, we got gnarlier things to worry about. Like how the recession affected you? Did it wipe out your 401k stock portfolio?

Ha, I ain’t got no stocks. But man, that shit sucks. Pretty much got all the board companies hurting, got me still looking for a solid board sponsor.

Yeah, you have really good sponsors but no board sponsor right now.
Didn’t you get some offers from peeps but you’re kinda holding out?
’Cause sometimes it’s better to not have a board sponsor than ride for a random one.

Yeah, exactly. I really want to get on one dope company, and I’m going to try to get there while I can.

Who are all your sponsors right now?

KR3W flow, éS flow, Venture, Bones, and Furnace skateshop.

That’s a tight li’l mix of sponsors.

Hell, yeah. I’m hyped!

You ever trade sponsors product for weed?

Nah man, not super into smoking weed. Need my shit to skate.

Dang, you got your shit together. Hey, so you actually edited your own Mag Minute?

Yeah, my shitty-ass edit. I just wanted to see what I could do. It was pretty fun. Hopefully there’s not too much hate.

Shit, I thought it was pretty good. Most dudes don’t even know who has their footage.

I’m kinda organized. It’s weird, maybe because I’m a Virgo or something that has to do with that sign. I always gotta have my footage on my laptop.

Smart, that’s some Heath Kirchart shit.

Yeah! I mean you feel way better when it’s like that so you’re not scrounging around for footy hoping someone didn’t delete it off their computer.

You got any plans for the future?

I’m just to gonna go hard with skating and see where I end up. I get all antsy if I don’t skate. Like dudes and their cigarettes—if they don’t have it for a certain amount of time, they start fiendin’. I start fiendin’ to skate after a certain amount of time. I can’t even think what I would be doing if I didn’t skate. Shit’s weird.

You want to say thanks to anyone or what?

Yeah, thanks to Scuba, Dirtyklips, Jared Lucas, Cody Eames, Shaddywhopp, my homies, and Blacc Mike!

Sounds good. Now we’re all expecting this nollie 540 from you.

Ha, you’ll see it real soon. I promise.