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06.09.09 – Shad Lambert

For the record I’m not stupid, I’m into music but I know the majority of my fans are from skating.

Okay, so what’s up with your music thing? Music is going good, we just shot a video with Tiger, Young Keno, and Ya Boy. Basically me featured on one of their records. They’re editing it now, should be ready soon. Other than that waiting for Currency to get in town so we can shoot some Fly Society videos and work on a couple more tracks.

Are people giving you shit or hating for you doing your music? Like they can’t understand how you can do that and skating? Yeah, what’s so funny is to me it works hand in hand. Skating is not ever been a 9 to 5 job, it’s not like you clock in hourly. We pick out time when we want to skate. Say I get up at 12 go skate for a couple hours. Then later on that evening go to the gym for an hour, maybe skate the park with Paul. And later that night is when I’ll do my thing, listen to beats, work on music.



That’s the thing, a lot message board people will talk shit, but I’m not sure they understand how much you actually skate compared to a lot of people. Yeah, I get so much shit! You’re always like, “Why you so angry at this spot?” Because I’m thinking like, how can these dudes be telling me I don’t skate? I’m around Paul Rodriguez skating every fucking day, and we know that dude does not put down the skateboard. I catch the most shit but you know it actually fires me up. The biggest fear I catch from it is kids telling me I better not quit skating. Like whenever I go out kids are like, “We love Fly society, but promise me you’re gonna keep skating.” I mean I take that as a compliment, and that’s what I came up out of and how I made it. And for the record I’m not stupid, I’m into music but I know the majority of my fans are from skating, and I straight have to skate or I freak out, I ain’t quitting skating ever.

Yeah, I like it when you get mad at spots, or at people talking shit, it’s just fucking entertaining to watch. I know, you encourage it.

You ever read message boards? Well when I’ll be on myspace these kids will hit me up like, “How the fuck you on Myspace? You’re supposed to be a pro skater out skating!” Dude, I get so much shit. But I think it helps me in the long run because people think I doin’t be doing it, then when my shit pops up they’re like what the fuck?

Seems like there’s a lot of skater’s getting into music now, what’s up with JR’s tracks? Jeremy? Dude’s in his own world, guess he be on it.

He gets some flack for his raps too, what’s his deal? All I can say is Jeremy is Jeremy. He loves to be on the edge.

Back 180 Crookz

Back 180 Crookz

Any JR, Fly Society collabos coming out? Nope. I’m mainly working on Fly Society. There’s some Fly Society clothing finally about to start rolling out through KR3W, and my Supra shoe just dropped. So psyched off that! And that’s another thing, people always giving me shit about my shoe, thinking you won’t be able to skate in ‘em. Truth is they skate fucking amazing. If you actually look at the design the laces are designed on the inside so they don’t rip, and the vulk sole grips good as hell. Can you put a picture in this so they can see what I’m talking about?

For sure, but you got to admit the design is very different from a normal skate shoe. Do people trip on ‘em? Yeah, but I love it dude, just more hype and it’s like I actually had input on the design this time around unlike my Ice Cream shoe, so I’m stoked.

I straight have to skate or I freak out, I ain’t quitting skating ever.

I gotta ask this for the gossip people, what happened with the Angela Daddy’s Girl situation? I respect where she was coming from. We broke up, she said it came down to sex, which clearly wasn’t the issue. At the end of the day I just got to a point where we started to grow apart. I wanted to focus more on skateboarding and the stuff I wanted to do, and at the end of the day she wanted to focus on what she needed to do. It’s all love, we still talk.

What was up with the Lil’ Bow Wow beef? Oh yeah, he was always talkin’ shit about me and I don’t even know the dude. I never met dude in my life, in fact never even seen the dude in my life.

Damn, he’s giving dudes with the name Shad a bad name, huh? (Lil’ Bow Wow’s real name is Shad Moss). Ha! I don’t know. He was living by her, talking to her but they never dated, and he goes on some radio show where they ask, “What’s up with you and Angela?” And he starts saying, “Oh, we could never date because she likes some skateboarder, I ain’t trying to skateboard so she don’t like me” and all these low jabs. Then a couple of my buddies who bumped into him told me how he was speaking on my behalf. Reached the point where I know I’m a man, enough is enough so had to voice my opinion. I said what I had to say to him, got it off my chest.

tk shoe

You even had a nice lyric in one of your songs, what was it? Oh, “You’re three feet tall but talking like you’re on stilts dog, when I catch ya I’m gonna wire your jaw.”

I like it, straight and to the point. He didn’t come back at you with anything? Nah, that was it, it’s done. He actually called me up, let me know he wasn’t running around talking shit. Because a lot of people will just feed it and it gets blown out of proportion, we talked and everything is cool now, no more beef.

So what’s your plans right now? Just skating a lot actually, practicing a bunch of tricks at the park I’m ready to take to the streets, filming for Rob’s Show, Street Dreams movie about to come out, you see the trailer for that?

Yeah, this is actually like the 4th movie you been in, huh? Yeah, little parts. But that’s what I been doing. We’re gonna get out tomorrow, hit that rail. I’m on the way to this Dub photo shoot, gettin’ these rims on my car.

Every time I call you you’re doing work. I ask what you’re doing and it’s never, “Just chillin’, playing video games smokin’ weed”. Nah, always doing something dude.

Today you’re like, “Yeah I can fit you in from 12:30 to 1:30.” Cause you’re going to your shop right? Yeah, it’s called District 8, skate shop and boutique. So it’s like cool sneakers, best skate gear. It’s off Atlantic and Carson street, 4242 Atlantic Ave Long Beach, CA. Check it out if you want some of my gear or some nice goods.

Anything you want to end this with? Look out for that Lizard King lunatic—passion! Give that dude a raise!