Street Dreams Premiere!

06.09.09 – Shad Lambert

Our awesome photographer homie Noah was on scene to capture fans screaming across Hollywood Blvd at Rob Dyrdek and the rest of the skaters in the cast at the Street Dreams premiere. Hoards of paparazzi were caged up inside of the gates facing the red carpet snapping thousands of photos of skateboardings most popular faces and other supporting actors. Atiba even had a cool appearance in the movie with a Skateboard Mag tee on.
The cast killed it. Nino and Rob made the first legit skateboarding movie written, produced, and directed by skateboarders and it definitely shows.
Rob finally picked his red jacket, he even twittered dat.
This Dunn is famous Dunny, he’s Bam’s friend right?
TK rolled up with the most beautiful and amazing girl in the world, his Grandma. TK constantly keeping it classy.
Lutzka was there.
steve o
Steve Oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh

Torey was there because Torey has super pop and needs to pop up at premiere because he’s tight.
big board
The world’s biggest skateboard! Another record for Rob Dyrdek. We would show you photos from inside the premiere but security was craze to kill the bootleggers. Definitely check Street Dreams when it comes your way!