Nike Debacle

06.11.09 – Shad Lambert

Nike premiered their Am video entitled DEBACLE last night in hollywood and it was truly an amazing video. Solid great skating and truly on point cinematography make it a must see, good work dudes.

Everyone truly loves Theotis, the crowd favorite absolutely killed it and people went bonkers for his part.

Let’s get this out the way, KOSTON NIKE! PROOF!

Omar and Jason Dill were there, so you know it was a big deal.

Mikey Reyes and Grant Taylor, Grant’s part was straight up fucking awesome. Tranny skills and blood on the streets make this kid one of the most talented dudes out there.

Lance Mountain and Geoff Rowley.

This is our photo intern Ian by the way, he shot a lot of these flicks and totaly didn’t blow too many shots this time.

Ian even somehow managed to get a photo with the Legendary photographer Craig Stecyk.

Atiba and Berska.

Antwuan was there and he didn’t even get arrested! Yeah Twuan!

Tony Montgomery, Cricket, Mike Marasco, and Sean Mcnulty are the shit.



Shane Oniel! Shane’s part was insane, dude keeps getting better, remember his Mag Minute?

Reno killin’ for Shake Junt. Remeber Reno’s Mag Minute?

Curtis and Lee.
This is the Nike gear you were supposed to steal when security wasn’t looking.

Lewis Marnell, another Justin Brock fan, duh.

And here’s the man Justin Brock with Peter Ramondeta. Brock broke it off, straight up a skateboarder’s skateboarder, sick.

Ernie Torres and Ghost, oh, Ghost Mag Minute about to drop, it’s beasty…

Active Erica and, Erica kept telling people they don’t twitter enough.
Chad Fernandez and Reese Forbes, no they didn’t have a highest ollie contest out front.

Yeeeaaahhhhh is that Lamare Hemmings? Looks like Lamare right? Yeah that’s Lamare.

Fuzzy and Theotis.

Lannie, Slash, Purple, Chuck, and Nuuuuuuuuuuuge! They’re all probably at Footsie’s right now.

Scott with a Huf Stoops hat, Shad with a Huf Stoops hat. Double Stoooooooooooooops?

Gareth totally breaking the one beer at a time rule.

Is Brad Staba a TV Host now? That must be the new shit.

If you don’t shoot a photo of the Hawthorne homies you get shot, juuuusssttt kidddiinnnnnn.

Paul and DJ at the after party at The Rosevelt. Black eyes get chicks.

Okay enough pictures and talk, go see the video!