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06.24.09 – Shad Lambert

Tre Flip

Tre Flip

Explain this house you live in. It’s on Ocean Park in Santa Monica. DJ lucky is moving in, we might get bunk beds. There’s a bathroom that I throw up in a lot. Oh, I vacuumed for the second time in my life yesterday.

You’ve only vacuumed two times in your life? Yeah, but it was dirty I had too. Guffy pretty much cleans everything usually.

Don’t you know you’re supposed to tell girls you have beer at the house and trick them into coming over and cleaning? Nah, guffy wakes up at like 6 am and starts cleaning usually. then we skate around two.

We’re sitting here in your room and your light doesn’t even work. That was Dan the mans fault, he broke that shit. A lot of stuff gets broke here.

What we’re you just talkin about? White dudes with good tre flips? Sean was talking about it at the skatepark. Someone said white dudes can’t tre flip, and at first we were like yeah I guess not. Then I was like, shit, wait that’s not true. A lot of dudes have good tre flips. For example, Julian Davidson and Nick Dompiere. Oh and Josh Kalis, holy shit.

You gotta good treflip? Not as good as those dudes.

Why do you hate the video game SKATE? Because I’d rather be skating. Like we all skateboard, why play a video game about it? There’s better games to play. Plus I’d rather come back from skating to the house and get wasted and not really think about skating. Like, I play guitar, and I don’t really like Guitar hero either.

Really? Not that I don’t really not like it, I’d just rather play real guitar.

You used to be in a Metal Band, you got a new one yet? No, but Crystal White is coming up! Crystal White rising, Crystal White and the Eels of Satan. Our new band is gonna be tough.

So how did you get into Metal Mondays even though your underage and don’t have a good fake ID? I’m psyched, I just called Nuge and he said just tell them Don sent me. Walked right in. They don’t even care there if your with the homies.

What’s your plans for shredding? Skate and film a lot. Get more photos with you, you muark face. You need to hang out more.

I thought you got a bunch of photos with Anthony Acosta? Yeah, but you need to shoot more.



You need to skate more. Dude, I’m trying to do work. But Kirchart pretty much shut it down in the Alien Video, but I feel like skateboarding is fun, and I should do it a little bit more.

Is that why you were over skating Culver City park today? Nah, I just want to film and do stuff. Foundation doesn’t have any tours and shit going on right now. Economy badness, I don’t know what’s up actually.

What’s up with all your filmer homies filming porn now, is that messing up your filming game? It’s a little harsh, but I’m psyched they’re making some money. Dudes gotta make money, can’t really live off filming skating.

But if they were like camera men on the Martha Stewart cooking show you’d be making fun of them an calling them sell outs! But since it’s porn its cool? Yeah, but they’re out there doing it. Dudes just want to film.

So here’s the part where you show us some web clips you been watching. What? Like stuff I watch?

Yeah, you watch metal bands or what? Dude this is a hard question.

No, it’s not. Just show me the shit you’ve been watching on youtube or something. Oh I watched Sean’s Mag Minute earlier, it was sick.

I usually don’t watch skating, I just kind of sit here in the dark and play guitar, listen to some music, I don’t really have a life. I don’t know, I’ve been listening to a lot of Roky Ericson. I listen to a lot of stuff. But this Roky clip is tight. Creature with the atom brain, acoustic though.

What do you like about this clip? Because Roky is sick, I feel like he is awesome.

Wow, that’s profoundly deep. Got anything else to say? Fuck, I gotta say something more? Uh, he likes to shock people with his music, I like to shock people with my skateboarding. I feel like I am the evil one…

Ha! Dude, I’m cut you off before you say any more. Why do you like this song compared to other Roky songs? Because. Are you listening? I like the electric one but it’s not the same. Roky’s insane. Just to go to sleep he listens to like 20 different songs at the same time.

Okay hit us with another, clip. These gonna be all Roky clips? Ummm, oh MC Nano!

Who’s MC Nano? He’s the homie.

MC Nano

He’s Tony Montgomery’s and Lucky’s friend. Lucky’s my new roommate, he DJ’s and him and Tony make the beats and shit. MC Nano is from Hawthorne. He comes over and just freestyles while Tony’s playing music.

He’s down with Furby and all the Hawthorne homies? Yeah he knows Furby, he went to school with Furbz. This shit is at our house, he actually raps about it in the video. He just comes over and does it big.

Lucky’s been DJing at Beauty Bar too? Yeah.

You going to the Swedish Model’s birthday party there tonight? Nah, I’m not going. Can’t get in. Last time I had to sit in the car.

You don’t have the hooks? I got Whitey’s ID, but they weren’t buying it. Bouncer was like, “You’re not 6 feet tall!”

Well that’s true. Looks like you’re gonna miss out on the Swedish chicks. Oh well. So this is gonna be on the web and shit?

Duh. Okay, just wanted to say Cadath rules, it’s a metal band. They rule, they’re my homies.

You got a clip of them? Uh, no this one is another band, they’re from Maine, so they rule. I hung out with them at the skatepark a couple times. They’re gettin’, like, gnarly these days. they’re down.

Absence Of The Sun

I like their name, Absence Of The Sun! Because if you were just called “dark” that wouldn’t be tough huh? Nah, they’re sick.

They look pretty fuckin’ evil, but kind of emo. I’m just psyched on a Metal Ban coming up from Maine.

If you went to their show and killed a chicken and sprayed the blood on them would they be psyched? Yeah, they’d probably take the chick to the boneyard.

What? No a chicken! Not a chick! Ah, what? I don’t know them like that, don’t even know what that question meant. You’re mind is tweaked.

I said kill a chicken, and you’re talking about chicks! You’re mind is tweaked. What’s the boneyard? The boneyard? That’s where you take chicks when they want to bone, it’s a fact. it.

Ha, okay guess we’ll end your Alex Gordorous’s evil death metal interview it with a wikipedia link to boneyard, that’s really tough… not. Ah man, wait! There’s way cooler stuff I can show you, like Motorhead and thin Lizzy…