Contenders Derrick Wilson

05.28.09 – Shad Lambert

Hardflip in The LBC

Switch Bigspin

Switch Bigspin

Yo! What erpz? Shit, just woke up. Wassup with them questions?

Lets do it right now. Aight.

I guess first off, where the hell you live and who you skate with? Well, I live on North side of Long Beach, roll with all the homies that still skate, pretty much the the north park Goons, ha.

So you get caught up in that gang shit in LBC? You know thats why I’m skating, if i didn’t choose to skate I’m pretty sure I would be in the streets banging, doing all that bad stuff.

You get messed with skating around your hood? Or dudes leave you alone? When I was in middle school, all the homies would be like “skating is for the white boys CUHZ, you don’t need mess with that!” But now you see all these gang bangers on boards, kickin’ and pushin’ em, but they be the POSERS though!

TK pretty much just made it okay for black people to be on boards.

Oh, they do the “mall grab” right? Grab and carry the board around by the trucks! True muark manuever right there.

Yeah! They can’t even ollie, mall grab up ever curb, ha.

So now you don’t get fucked with as much? I guess you can say people respect it more because their little brothers or cousins may skate. TK pretty much just made it okay for black people to be on boards.

Yeah, TK used to take a lot of shit from people about skating. Yeah, game definitely changed a lot.

So why are you so good at jumping down shit? Well I been skating for six years now, I’ve always just been hyped on jumping down shit ever since I pushed, I can honestly say jumping down shit is fun for me, just in the air floating. Landing it is the hard part, ha, got to work at it to get it.



So what’s up though, you shredding any ledges, transition, or rails too? Oh hell yeah, I got a few ledge tricks under my hat. Ha, but I’m rarely jumping onto rails and shit. I do it, but its scary. You can get bucked up, get sacked. I racked my nuts all bad before, but I keep coming back for more.

So what up with this nollie heel down the Hollywood sixteen? Heard you almost did it. Sheesh, Well I’m gonna go back. Just need someone to shoot it. I was so close last time, just got kicked out by some administrator, she was seriously hating.

Well we shooting it this weekend or what? Get that so we can blast you in crops in the mag fool! I’m gonna do it, no doubt homie. Niggas be like, “whos this kid droppin’ hamz!”

Well what’s up then, this saturday or what? Yessir, so down. Affiliate Skateboards sending me a box this week, so I should have a freshy.

Nice, all right, here’s your chance to share some web videos you been watching lately. Hit us with some video picks.

taha promo

Oh all right, here’s that new TAHA promo… It’s a video the homie Don Luong is putting out with all the local homies and riders from furnace, shit’s gonna be WIT IT if you ask me!

Oh! And this one is tight! That’s why black dudes hate halloween!

And this one is funny.

Dude, the spoon one is kind of gay. Ha, I don’t know why, shit’s so funny. Kevin Romar showed it to me, he watches that shit all the time.

You dudes are weird, just kiddin’. So you said you’re jackin’ the neighbors internet connect? Yup, just swoop on their connection real quick, get on myspace for a while, ha ha.

Sick, well how much we betting on this nollie heel on saturday? I got $20 if you make it, if you don’t you owe me a # 1 at In And Out… deal? And if you sleep in and don’t go to Hollywood you still owe me. Aight, that sounds legit. But dont get your hopes up, you might be leaving Hollywood $20 short. When you puttin’ this up?

Well, that depends if you land this nollie heel, we’ll pop it on the site when your photo comes out in the mag. Aight hell yeah! Hopefully they don’t be hating this time all i need is 20 minutes, just me and the 16, it’s on.