Camp Sole Tech

02.11.09 – The Skateboard Mag

This past weekend I was given the task of attending the Sole Tech media junket a.k.a. Camp Sole Tech. On sunday afternoon I arrived at Pierre Andre’s Newport Beach lofts. It’s basically a weekend of debauchery with the writers and editors of the skateboard journalism world hosted by Sole Tech.

The kitchen was fully stocked. more PBR than you can shake a stick at, tequila, vodka, a couple cartons of smokes, and cigars. They went all out without going illegal on it.

“Now that’s what I call art”

Next we all took a ride on Pierre’s bad ass yacht.

Once we arrived back to the lofts they had BBQ and these 2 dudes making an innocent pile of empty beer cans. Mike Anderson and Bobby Worrest.

Only 2 bites into my perfectly garnished cheeseburger Don Brown sparked off the most epic food fight Newport Beach has ever seen. Words cannot describe what unfolded during those 20 minutes.

Worrest aftermath.

After some random bar hopping I ended up in some donut shop with these guys; Don Brown, Chris from Skateboarder, and Scuba Steve.

The next morning we headed over to STI, the Sole Tech Institute. Andrew Reynolds and Pierre Andre. Who’s The Boss?

The new Reynolds Cruisers shoe.

The new Rodrigo TX shoe.

This was pretty tech. A machine that simulates the flicking motion involved in most flip tricks so that they can see how shoes ware and tear.

John Lucero came for the tacos.

Figgy, Justin Regan, and Brian Jones

The next few hours were spent skating the sick ass new Sole Tech TF. Wish you were here.

I just have to make a point of how well constructed the TF is. Where the flatground and the tranny meet it’s totally seamless. Can you say “craftsmanship”?