Braydon’s Shoe Party, Totally Ruling

01.16.09 – Shad Lambert

Braydon sure knows how to throwing a ruling shoe party, so ruling that the word ruling will be used way to much in the photo captions.braydonfaceAnytime you get a bronzed shoe with your name on it, you’re probably ruling. Congrats Braydon!spanksBraydon’s party was at the legendary Viper Room on sunset Blvd. So you know had to get the mandatory sign shot with Spanks.

chicksIn fact a lot of stuff ruled at the party, like Braydon’s face surrounded by chicks. alishya piaAnd how Alicia and Pia flew in from NY ruled.yoon animalSo I’ll let you know who I though was pretty much ruling last night. Yoon and Animal Chan were ruling, Animals PHOTOS ruled as well.goatThe Goat was ruling, people went nuts when they played.mosh chicksThe girls in the pit slipping on beer were ruling.reno rulingReno and the crowd were ruling. And since Reno’s Mag Minute drops this monday, that means he’s super ruling.heath Heath breaking a table was ruling.brazilBrazilian girls always ruling.albertAlbert claiming he was Shad Lambert to get into the party, ruling. Bouncer saying I couldn’t come in because I was already in the party, ruling.carrolMike Carol pretty much rules everywhere I see him.momsIf it wasn’t for Braydon’s mom giving birth to Braydon, the party probably wouldn’t have happened, so she just straight up rules. ako timTim from IMA Robot and AKO with GOAT shirts, synchronized ruling!Yoon sandwiched by cute girls, ruling.Yoon sandwiched by cute girls like Erica, ruling.slashSlash always showing up fashionably late had been ruling lately.mandersonI had a hunch Mike Anderson had ruling potential…mandersonYup, Manderson rules.macMelrose Mac’s underage make out sessions at the bar, triple ruling.still rulingLet’s check back in with Carroll… of course totally still ruling. Boosh? Semi ruling.vegasVegas Dirty Biz peeps and a Ragdoll showing their support, that rules.heath glasses Heath taking everyone’s hats, glasses, and losing them ruled in my book.
biebel jeronHow could a photo of Jeron and Biebel not rule?shaneShane’s lyrics and energy pretty much put the place in a state of rulingness.Being Braydon at Braydon's shoe party? I don't know, I guess it might have ruled.Being Braydon at Braydon’s shoe party? I don’t know, I guess it might have ruled.danoAnd at the end of the night, when you’re Danozone and pull the Braydon shoe you jacked out of your pants that you’ve been hiding all night, that just rules.