Start Trippin’ And Win Dekline Gear

09.21.08 – Shad Lambert

To celebrate the release of their Dekline Of Eastern Civilization Tour Trippin’ videos, the Dekline boys have decided to throw some free goods your way. All you have to do is type in those comments which one of the following quotes was actually spoken by the infamous Mag photographer known as Rodent. For all your typing you could be rewarded with the grand prize two pairs of Dekline Shoes, three T-shirts, sticker packs, a beanie, patches, and the actual acoustic guitar that was purchased on the trip. Here’s those quotes…

“I ollied that shit in 97″

“You must be tripp’n if you think you gonna eat that shit in my Cadillac”

“God Damn right I’m Rodent”

“I was in a goth band for three years”

“Pops bring me a hot plate, I’ll be driving by our freeway exit in about 20 minutes”

“I was on acid with my parents at Six Flags”

“I’m a come back and grind this shit”

“Fuck that, I lived in a van for four years”

There ya go, choose what quote is real and post it in the comments so Dekline homies can select the winner.

rodent contest