Super Park

07.25.08 – The Skateboard Mag

SuperLogoBack in issue #55 of The Mag I wrote negative comments about ESPN people replacing vert skating with something called “Super Park.” My negative commentary was not as personal as some may have thought. My real goal was to let the skaters in the X Games know we had their back and that the corporate types shouldn’t be making decisions such as that without consulting the group as a whole. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, as it turns out, vert was put back in and Super Park is debuting next week at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles. So I get called by a friend at Vans about going to the Super Park practice to shoot Omar Hassan and he’d go ahead and get me a media pass for the day. I told him good luck with that, and when he called back he confirmed my suspicions — I am not a fave of the people over at the Entertainment and Sports Entertainment Network, but somehow he still managed to get me a pass. I was just glad that someone over there cared enough to read my comments written in the mag. Anyway, here are some pics of Rune, Andy Mac, and Omar practicing for next week’s Super Park.

Here’s the Super Park.ramp

Andy Mac deems it shredable.MacShred

Frontal bluntal.AndyFSB

Practice over.MacD

Omar can take fastplants to fakie on anything.YemenFunny

Rune finding the difficult lines.RuneTS

Now that’s funny, Omar.Peace

Bartie showed up with skills.BartieMan

We’re cool now, right?XChick